Coding to help the community

Innovate, Create, and Solve 

Register as a team or as an individual to get to work building innovative applications for good. This year’s event has three main thrusts:   

  1. Tools that innovate on problems facing society 
  2. Tools that create new ways to interact with the community 
  3. Tools that solve systemic issues 

Bring ideas, large and small, meet people, professionally and casually, and come join us for a 24-hour non-stop event. There will be free food, coffee, and Monster to keep you and your team on track to build something great! 

The final product submissions will be judged in a fair format with judges moving from table to table (you can show the judges on your computer or phone) on Sunday, October 27, 2019.  Each team should prepare an informal (about two-minute) pitch describing their concept and demonstrating the product.  Expect to give the pitch multiple times as teams of judges come through to see your work.  

Presented by the Ithaca College Computer Science Department, Women in Computing, IT@IC, and Ed Tech Day 

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Open to college and high school students as well as their mentors and chaperones. To be considered for prizes, all code must be written during the event.

Register for the event here as an individual or team (up to 4). The first hour will be devoted to participants discussing ideas and forming teams. Bring an idea to inspire others or come ready to support! Participants will be locked-in from 12:00 noon on Saturday, until 12:00 noon on Sunday to allow dedicated time to collaborate, create, test out, and present your design. 


After the event, winning teams must make their products available for viewing online as either a video presentation or live example. We would like to congratulate you on Ithaca College’s Intercom newsletter.


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John White
Ithaca College

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Michael Sprague
Cornell University

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Todd Blakemore
Ithaca College

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Sharon Stansfield
Ithaca College

Judging Criteria

  • Innovate, Create, and Solve
    Tools that innovate on problems facing society Tools that create new ways to interact with the community Tools that solve systemic issues
  • Difficulty/Challenge
    Coding ain't always easy. Be sure to share the amount of effort your team put into the project with the judges.
  • Creativity
    Are you building something new and different? What about reinventing an old idea with a new perspective?
  • Usefullness
    Is this project going to be helpful? Does it have purpose? Will it have a positive impact on anything?
  • Scalability/Global Impact
    Does this idea have the potential to reach many people? Could it be used by diverse groups of people in different regions of the world?
  • Polish/Wow Factor
    Aesthetics, presentation and user interaction.